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Rocky Gap Road, Las Vegas

Off road enthusiasts: We wanted to post about some off road trails around Vegas and this is the popular trail. Popular not because it’s easy, but because it’s got some tough spots. Just make sure you have a decent vehicle, … read more

Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin

Devil’s Lake is one of the top destinations in Wisconsin. A few reasons to visit would be: camping hiking swimming (in a clean lake) picnicking biking scuba diving (yes, happens in Wisconsin) rock climbing (yes, also in Wisconsin) kayaking canoeing … read more

Marina di Modica, Sicily

Secret beaches I will let you in on a little secret. Some of the top beaches in Italy, and above all else in Sicily, are still unknown to tourists. Marina di Modica in Sicily’s southeast corner has one of these … read more

Skydiving in Zephyr Hills

A real adventure if you are brave enough may take you to ZephyrHills, Florida where there is year round skydiving! So why jump out of a normally good plane? Well….WHY NOT?? You haven’t tasted life until you tasted it at … read more