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The World’s Healthiest Places to Live

Optimism and purpose, a low stress level, a natural diet and an active lifestyle…experts say those factors are three times as important as your genetic makeup when it comes to enjoying a long and healthy life. Luckily, it’s easy to … read more

Top 5 Winter Holiday Locations

In the grey months of January and February most people long for some sun. But where should you go for some winter sunshine? Here are five of the top winter holiday locations for those looking for that elusive sun. For … read more

Roads in Europe

Celebrating the road trips in Europe When you’re like me, and you live in a calm climate, winter driving could be overwhelming the first occasion when you head into the snow. Having experienced an especially frightful patch of dark ice … read more

Work Abroad

Looking for new ways to make money?? Need motivation?? Why work abroad? Working abroad can be a great experience to earn extra cash while at the same time experiencing a new country! There are many opportunities available in the tourism … read more