Mais oui! When people think of France, they first think of Paris, the most romantic city on Earth. But France is more than just Paris. It is unique in that in every angle of every green, rolling hill, there are quaint little villages where people still make homemade bread and have fresh milk every morning.

And what about French wine?

Whenever wine comes up in a conversation or a thought, we often find ourselves thinking of where the wine came from. If you study the name of the wine, such as Burgundy or Champagne, you’ll find a log about the origin of the wine. Burgundy for instance, we all known comes from France, same as Burgundy. There are many wines out there – several of which come from France.

In the times of the old, wine in France was made by peasants, who drank it themselves. Wine is very old in France, which is really no surprise as French wine is some of the best in the world. New world wines have the ingredients that were used in the label, while French old world wine is labeled with the location. In doing so, the French have left a bit of a romantic message when you purchase any of their wine.

A lot of wine enthusiasts all over the world consider French wine to be the best. Wine lovers from all over the world prefer French wine over any other. There are several different kinds of French wine available, giving you plenty to choose from. This way, you can experience and compare wine based on aroma, taste, and even the texture.

There are thirteen different regions in France with literally thousands of vineyards that produce wine, making the possibilities for French wine endless. French is also known for having the ideal location for growing grapes, including the perfect soil conditions and vineyards that are very close to the water. The climate in France is always good, making it one of the best locations in the world for wine.

French wine varies from the most common types that you can find virtually everywhere that sells wine, to the rare variants, which can be very difficult to come across. If you are looking for one of the more rare types of French wine, your best bet would be to use the Internet. You can find hundreds of thousands of different types of wine, including rare French wine. Rare vintage French wine can be extremely hard to find, even sometimes so online. You can always look at wine forums as well, including the many different wine websites.

All in all, French wine is a cut above the rest. Although other wines may use the same ingredients and methods in production, they don’t taste the same as those made in France. When you taste a wine that was made in France – you’ll know it. Even though other wines may be preferred by some, French wine has a taste and aroma like no other. Wine that comes from France is all about quality – and a taste you’ll never forget.

Vacation in France

Finding the Perfect Hotel in France

Unsurprisingly France offers a very wide range of hotels from those providing little more than a bed to exclusive luxury establishments that will cater to your every whim to friendly bed and breakfasts that will welcome you like you were part of the family. Where you stay is up to you but here are a few thoughts to bear in mind while you hunt. Most hotels, big and small, can be found on-line and booked through well known travel companies.

As you`d the expect the big chain favourites are prominent and provide their reliable, quality service throughout the country. If that`s your cup of tea then France also has a number of national chains worth a look, these include luxury brands such as `Relais & Chateaux` or `Chateaux et Hotels de France` and more economical options like `Etap Hotel` or `Premiere Classe`, along the lines of `Travelodge` or `Premier Inn` here in the UK. Many of these chains have central reservation facilities to convenience you even further.

At the opposite end of the scale, France boasts a culture of excellent bed and breakfast hotels, many of which will also offer a table d`hote style evening meal to guests in residence. Self catering properties for short term holiday lets are called Gites in France and these too can be found just about anywhere throughout France. Although it is acceptable to arrive unannounced looking for accommodation it is well worth booking ahead to avoid disappointment, especially during peak season. Be prepared for rediscover your GCSE French as not all proprietors speak good English, though they are more than happy to try, a common language of `Frenglish` with gesticulation is usually more than sufficient to get by and can be great fun.

Occupying the middle ground between these two ends of the spectrum are a plethora of small hotels including low cost eccentric yet charming family run hotels and fashionable appealing Boutique hotels all of which offer a more authentic and romantic feel than the big chains. Such establishments can be found throughout France`s cities large and small and throughout the countryside also. For example, if you`re prepared to look beneath the veneer of the big hotels there exists a wealth of secret hotels in Paris that are at the very least, more interesting than the more familiar brands. So whether it`s Paris or Chamonix, don`t forget your phrase book and go soak up some French atmosphere.

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