Stress Free Travel

Tips to Ensure Stress Free Travel

As soon as you set foot outside your home and begin a journey, you`re stepping into
a world where you`re less in control than you might like to think. But if you`re
going to travel, whether for business or pleasure, you`ll have to accept that
relinquishing control is part of the process. Most of the time, when things go
according to plan you probably won`t even notice that you`ve done so. It`s when
things go wrong, or not quite as expected, that the stress levels hit the ceiling.
Here are a few ideas to help you keep your cool when you`re on the move.

When you`re booking your flights, if possible you should try and avoid taking the
last flights of the day. It`s a fact that earlier flights have the best chances of
leaving on time, or indeed leaving at all. As the day progresses, there`s more time
for potential spanners in the works, such as adverse weather conditions or
mechanical problems with the aeroplane and there`s less time to get the problem
sorted out.

Packing is another potential stress raiser. Don`t leave it till the last minute
unless you actually enjoy getting yourself wound up! It`s a good idea to make sure
you`ve got enough clothing in your hand luggage to last for a couple of days in your
destination, as well as any essential medicines and toiletries. Then, if your
luggage doesn`t get there at the same time as you do, the hassle will be so much
less, because you`ve thought about that in advance. You can fit a surprising amount
into the standard size of hand luggage, so do yourself a favour and don`t get caught

If you are taking any toiletries in your hand luggage, do remember to put them in a
small, clear plastic bag before you leave home and pack this in a part of your bag
or case that`s easy to access. You`ll need to remove the bag for scanning at the
security barrier and if you haven`t got the requisite bag you`re going to get a
stern look from the staff there, who are sure to send you back to buy an overpriced
bag from an auto-vending machine.

For short trips away you might consider taking only hand luggage. You`ll save time
at the destination airport because there`ll be no need to wait for your hold luggage
to arrive at the carousel. And many airlines now allow you to check in online and
print out your boarding pass in advance if you just have hand luggage. This will
save time at your departure airport too.

It can`t be said too many times – you must leave enough time to make your flight
check in. There`s nothing more guaranteed to send your blood pressure soaring than
being stuck in traffic when you should be at the airport. You`ve also got to factor
in parking your car, getting a shuttle bus to departures and the time it will take
to get through security.

Organising your car rental before you even leave home is a great plan to cut down on
hassle. There is a competitive range of companies offering car hire at UK airports, so it`s easy to save yourself some time and money.

Holiday Check List

Heading off on holiday? Lucky you! With the end of summer fast approaching, there`s
no better time then to sneak off for some leisure time and put autumn off for a
little longer. There are some great deals around at this time of year including ones
for countryside retreats for terrific scenery and some excellent deals on city
breaks, particularly for those people wanting to try something new and be flexible
with their travel arrangements.

Make the holiday start well by getting organised. There`s nothing worse than heading
off with a banging head and raised stress levels by doing everything at the last
minute and being that person who delays the plane!

Book airport parking in advance. Order holiday money online, after doing a search
for the best deals. Organise travel insurance if you don`t have an annual policy and
print off all documentation and contact numbers. Store holiday paperwork together
with your passport so it`s easy to find. Another bonus of being organised in advance
is that it will also save you money, rather than buying premium priced services at
the airport as you leave.

Pack travel sized products. There is no need to lug around heavy shampoos and shower
gels. Pack a hand luggage bag with emergency essentials stored in a zipped plastic
bag for security. Organise travellers cheques to avoid handling large sums of money,
but keep some local currency handy for when you land. Ideally, book a pick-up for
the other end to save grappling with local travel when you`re tired after your

Pack lightly and resist doubling up on everything just in case. Ensure you`ve got
all the essentials. Make lists where you can and tick off suntan lotion, sunglasses,
hats, walking shoes, first aid kits and more. Check local conditions and whether any
vaccinations or health advice is given for your destination. Jabs are usually
required well in advance for countries with malaria risks or other transmittable
disease risks. Avoid the risk of stomach bugs too by topping up with good bacteria
before you leave. Prebiotics and probiotics can help boost your immune system

Finally, pack everything into a bright suitcase. A black one will get lost on the
carousel. Wear comfortable clothes for flying and moisturise your skin well for long
flights. Sip water to stay hydrated. Pack emergency numbers with you and make
arrangements for a neighbour to pop in and check the house periodically whilst
you`re away.

Finally, treat yourself to a haircut and deep conditioning treatment before you go,
particularly if you`ll be in the sun or swimming in a chlorinated pool. A bit of TLC
beforehand will prevent the UV rays and chemicals from doing their worst. Seek out a Groupon deal to save money, or book yourself in for a treat after the dreaded return. The prospect of a massage or facial may help the return to reality seem a little less harsh after your incredible escape!

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