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Lost baggage in Prague

czech-republic-barcelo-hotels-praha21-8529It is always a great experience travelling!聽 Especially when you don’t speak the language and have no idea how to get around a city 馃檪

Anyways, lost baggage is an experience, although not a necessarily pleasant one.聽 It happened as such.

Upon arrival in Prague I grabbed a cab, showed him my reservation information for the hostel and we arrived as to what I thought was my hostel.聽 It was a boat hotel.聽 I thought, wow, this place looks pretty neat and it’s in the city center!聽 I know my hostel was near the water so figured this must be the place.聽 The cab driver had not said anything and even if he had, I didn’t speak any of the same languages he spoke so it wouldn’t have mattered much.聽 I paid the cab driver and got out.聽 I went up to reception, explained who I was and that I had a reservation.聽 The regular person that took the reservations was on lunch, so she couldn’t pull up any information.聽 In any case, I asked if I could leave my luggage there.聽 “Sure, no problem”.聽 And off I went.聽 (Now remember, this was not my hostel, so I unfortunately had NOT taken note of the name).

View of PragueI spent the day exploring Prague, visiting all kinds of places and at the end grabbed a cab to go back to my hostel.聽 “Wow, I thought, this cab ride is really taking a long time”.聽 After about 20-25 minutes and what seemed quite a ways out of the city center I started worrying.聽 We pulled up to a hotel/hostel on the edge of the river.聽 “This is not the right place, I said”.聽 “Oh yes, yes, look at your reservation!聽 The name on the reservation is the same name here!!”

Anyways, we were at my real hostel.聽 I walked in, checked in and yes, in fact they had all my information.聽 Then I began explaining to them the situation I was in.聽 They were nice enough to give me a hand.聽 We started with the yellow pages and after about 2 hours of calling all the boat hotels in Prague that were on the river, discovered that there was, in fact, my luggage at one of them!聽 A volunteer at the hostel was nice enough to take me to get it!聽 Whew!!