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Choose Hotels and Lodging while Traveling


We listed a few tips to get you started on getting the best deals. Happy Travels!

When searching for a hotel, double checking multiple sites is recommended for finding the best price. Some sites offer discounts or package deals. Now a days many hotel chains offer buy one night, get one night free. Or if you stay 10 nights you get 2 free. It is sometimes helpful to take advantage of the free nights.

You can also take part in the hotel rewards programs. Many are affiliated with credit cards, banks, airline companies, shopping centers and more. You will be able to accumulate points and get free nights when using the rewards programs.

It is helpful to check reviews that other people have written about their experience. These sites are a good place to get started, however what one person may find accommodating, another may find repulsive. Hotel reviews are sometimes a hard guess as to what is good or not so good. If reviews are consistently bad, chances are the hotel is pretty bad. Likewise, consistently good reviews even if one or two bad ones are thrown in, usually mean a good hotel.

Beware of any hidden costs that a hotel could charge you, especially overseas. Many online booking sites that are affiliated with the hotels may or may not disclose extra charges. They will charge you the cost of the room. If using a 3rd party booking agency, try to obtain as much information as possible as to what you could be charged extra for. If possible, check directly with the hotel to find out. These are common “extra” charges…

Shuttle Service to and from airport
Internet/Business Services
Room Service
2nd person or more
Phone calls, both domestic and international

A discounted room rate may be a tempting offer, but after extra charges are added to your bill, you may end up spending more.

Also, always make sure the services you are looking for can be provided by the hotel.
It’s a good idea to double check hotel policies regarding small children and pets. Some hotels allow children under 12 to stay for free and it may be necessary to reserve in advance extra beds or cots in the room. For babies, it may be necessary to reserve a crib.

When booking a hotel with a pet, it is always advisable to let the hotel know beforehand. Many have non-pet policies. Those that allow pets, may charge an extra fee or have specific regulations as to the type of animal and/or size.

Bed and Breakfasts are a great place to stay for the perfect romantic getaway or if you’re looking for something with personal charm. Every bed and breakfast is unique within itself and no two will be the same! Bed and Breakfasts cater to all people and range from small country homes full of charm to elegant city lofts.