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Top 5 Destinations For Balloon Rides Enthusiasts!

A hot air balloon ride is more than an amazing experience; it is an adventure of a lifetime! If you wish to see the world from the air but you do not want the adrenaline rush, then this is your best option. A hot air balloon ride can take you places where you do not wish to go. It can also give you the feeling of freedom that you will not get when traveling on land.

The Picturesque Provence in France
We all know that the whole France features a scenic view. Provence is actually a big portion of France. Regardless of which city you decide to visit, you will be welcomed with the most amazing landscape in the world. The sleepy villages, rocky hills, lavender fields, long vineyards and little farmstead– what a unique sight to behold! When in Provence, do not forget to visit the Luberon area via a balloon ride. If not, you will miss half of your life!

The Lovely Napa Valley in California
If you want to experience the best balloon ride, do not forget about Napa Valley Balloon rides. Seeing the vineyards from the air is surely one of the best experiences that you will ever have. In addition to that, the wineries and homes within this area will give you an amazing view. A drink of wine will complete your wonderful journey in the air. Surely, this is the balloon ride of the lifetime!

The Modern Orlando in Florida
For a unique balloon ride experience, the hip and modern Orlando is the best destination. A balloon ride to this city will take you over the theme parks– Disney and Universal Studios– and many other tall skyscrapers. In addition to that, you will see farm land and other sceneries you would never expect to see in Florida. Keep in mind that Orlando balloon rides only take place during the sunrise, not sunset. This is to avoid the very hot weather and storms that is common in Orlando.


The Stunning Queens town in New Zealand
You will surely be in awe when you see Queens town, New Zealand from up above. At the start of the ride, you will be greeted with a series of mountains and lakes that will stun you. You can never appreciate the beauty of the mountains in New Zealand unless you have seen it from a balloon ride’s point of view.

The Romantic Paris in France
Paris is the most romantic city in the world. A hot air balloon ride is the most romantic way to travel. If you are a romance buff, then a balloon ride in the city of love is truly the best thing that you can experience. Regardless if you go up sunset or sunrise, the beautiful countryside awaits you. Up above, you will enjoy the amazing view of castles, forests and the majestic view of the Eiffel Tower.

These are just some of the best places where you can have the best balloon ride experience!