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Living abroad in Thailand: Scott Eddy at Nine9Nine

Today we are interviewing Scott Eddy at Nine9Nine

1.)Why did you choose to start this project? I started this company because I have quite a large social media following and I kept getting request to be involved with digital projects, so I thought I could build a business around it.

2.) What is your mission? I definitely do not want to be just another digital agency going after corporate accounts, I would rather use nine9nine to launch my own projects.

3.) We liked the name Nine9Nine, can you tell us about it? Numerology is very important in Thai culture. The number nine is an auspicious number because there are many nines in royal and religious heritage. The Thai digit for nine is similar to a symbol seen on the Buddha’s forehead.

4.) What do you want to accomplish with this company? I want to create things I can be proud of, things that could be “game changers” for the digital industry.

5.) Where are you based out of and why did you choose to live there? I am based in Bangkok, I love this city because its an easy place to work and play, and the people are very warm and welcoming.

6.) Do you work both locally and internationally? Yes, definitely. I do business globally.

7.) Is there a company you admire and why? Vayner Media, I think Gary Vaynerchuk is an absolute genius.

8.) Do you consider yourself a techie or more a business man? I am definitely not a tech guy, that language is very foreign to me. Plus, I think that gives me an edge over other agencies, I do not think the way they do.

9.) You lived in many places, what is your favorite one? Bangkok is the greatest city in the world!!

10.) Do you have a favorite band, book or movie? Music of choice: Hip Hop. Books: I prefer sales, marketing, branding themes. Movies: I love comedies.

11.) Favorite food? Thai food!!!!

12.) Anything you want to add? I always love meeting my Twitter followers, I appreciate you reaching out to me, please stay in touch, you never know what could happen in the future.

You can find Scott Eddy here :
Twitter: @MrScottEddy
Facebook: MrScottEddy
Website: www.nine9nine.com