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Traveling with pets

TRAVELING WITH PETS is a wonderful experience to share with your friend!!! Your best friend will be content knowing that they are at your side.

However, pet travel can be stressful for the animal as well as the owner. You should know your pet and how they react in certain conditions. For example, if your cat/dog always gets sick on short road-trips, the chance of them doing a coast-to-coast trip of America seems unlikely. Remember also, that animals cannot tolerate the heat. Taking your dog to the beach in Mexico may sound like fun to you, but if they have to stay in a hot car while you are in the store buying tanning lotion, you may be putting your pet at risk of heat stroke.

Hotels differ as to whether they allow pets or not. Many hotels have a NO PET policy. Before traveling with your pet, call ahead of time to the hotel to make sure they are allowed. If they permit pets be aware that they may charge an extra fee and may have specifications of what kind of pets/animals/sizes they allow.

Airline travel can be time-consuming with your friend. You will need to arrive early at the airport to compensate for any delays that could occur. Veterinarian documents need to be obtained prior to departure regarding the health of your pet. Certain airlines have a no pet policy. It’s best to check first. International travel will involve a certificate of health from your veterinarian,a microchip or tattoo, and in some countries a pet passport. You will also have to pay for the price of the plane ticket. If the animal is under 10kilos/20lbs, usually they can fly in the cabin with the owner. Anything over, they will have to fly in the cargo. You should be prepared to have a crate that your pet can move freely in, supplied with a bit of food and water.

Speak with your veterinarian first, then the airlines as to specific information about traveling with your pet. If your trip is short, it may be best to leave your best friend with a family member or friend. There are many pet hotels that offer a great place for your friend to get, perhaps, a better vacation than you!!!