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Why work abroad? Working abroad can be a great experience to earn extra cash while at the same time experiencing a new country!

There are many opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality sector. Many hotels, restaurants, clubs, tourist offices, call-centers, scuba resorts, government offices, translation agencies and many other places are always looking for multi-lingual staff and people that work well with others. In addition to some of the many general positions you might find, there are certain companies that hire long-term employees depending on their qualifications. If you are looking to move abroad permanently, you may want to search for career opportunities in the government sector, airlines, hospitality, telecommunications, international relations, finance and banking, universities and many others.

The important thing to working abroad will be the documents needed. Many companies will sponsor you if you are hired directly by them. You will need a contract and it may mean making a few trips back and forth to that country for interviews, follow-ups and training. Some companies now will use teleconference or hold “virtual” interviews via internet. Whatever the case, make sure you know exactly what the company expects from you and what you can expect from the company regarding documents.

If you are looking for short-term work in a field such as tourism, you may have to apply for a work permit or visa in your own country before pursuing work in another country. Many countries now have laws in place stating that proof of work documents are needed in even places such as night clubs or restaurants. Work permits or visas can be obtained at your hosting country’s embassy or consulate. There are some countries that have work exchange programs if you are under a certain age. For example if you are Italian you could be granted a work visa for up to 2 years, if you are under 32 years of age.

Make sure you check your chosen host country’s official website for the correct information pertaining to documents. Most work permits or visas you may need can be obtained by yourself or there are also many 3rd party travel consulting sites that now offer to assist in obtaining these documents. Allow enough time. Many visas can take up to one year to obtain and others as short as a couple weeks.

Information regarding official country websites can be found here: (official site for the italian government) (list of all embassies, consulates, that are US based in other countries) (official site for travel to USA) (official site for immigration and visas to USA) (official site for visas in germany)

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