Camping in the USA

If you are looking for a vacation that can offer adventure and excitement at a
reasonable price, camping in the USA is just a perfect match. With 50 states and a federal district there is plenty of choice and many campers will visit several states whilst on vacation. This vast continent offers plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with nature and yet also enjoy the attractions of nearby big cities. It is the best of both worlds at a cost that is refreshingly inexpensive.

Of course, when camping, you are the keeper of your own time and purse-strings, so you can set your own schedule and maintain your own budget. These are two reasons why camping is becoming ever more popular. In tough economic climates, camping offers good value for money and selected campsites offer a whole host of amenities. These highly regarded sites provide guests with on-site shopping and leisure activities, clean and contemporary washroom facilities and the peace of mind that comes from camping within a professional and secure site.

Using the campsite as your base, you can explore the surrounding scenery through hiking trails, horse-back riding and mountain-biking. Take the children into nearby national parkland for a taste of nature`s own playground, where they can run and play until the sun goes down. Nature lovers and animal enthusiasts will appreciate the flora, fauna and wildlife that you find hidden in these picturesque surroundings. Rare birds, exotic flowers, tumbling waterfalls and the fresh outdoor air all contribute to an amazing experience.

If your family prefers the sea to the land, you are never far away from rivers and oceans. Enjoy the thrill of rafting down a fast-flowing river or the peaceful delight of a spot of fishing. Catch a big one on a deep-sea fishing expedition or be mesmerized by the sight of dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales off the coast.
In some states, such as Maine, you can even see the gigantic finback whale which reaches a colossal 80 feet in length. When you go camping in the USA, you create memories that can last a lifetime.

Of course, not all campsites are created equal, so ensure you reserve your pitch at a reputable and sociable site, such as the Eurocamp Old Orchard Beach Holiday Park in the attractive state of Maine. Here you can enjoy family friendly facilities and amusement parks, world-class golfing, kayaking and boating, bird-watching and so many other activities you will be spoilt for choice! With a clean and beautiful 7-mile sandy beach, plus dining and shopping, the area really does offer everything you need for the best camping vacation. So what are you waiting for? Book your reservation now!

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